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Hello! I'm Dr Jack Bartley, a specialist mathematics tutor based in London with thousands of hours of tuition experience.

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“Jack has been an extremely helpful maths tutor. Our sessions are always adapted to my needs and he is always fully prepared with exam questions always on-hand. I am grateful that Jack is always willing to spend extra time tutoring me and he is always reliable as we have been able to meet for more than 35 weeks in one year. He has given me useful tips on how to layout my calculations efficiently as well as tips on becoming more time-efficient, all of which have really helped for exams that I have had.”

GCSE Maths (EdExcel)Voluntary tuition with The Access Project.

“We arranged for Jack to help tutor my son in 'going beyond' the syllabus in maths and exploring topics that were flashed by as promises of a more interesting future in GCSE maths. Though an atypical arrangement, Jack has been brilliant at reinforcing my son's love of math and helping him get habits and tools for learning for learning's sake. They manage pace and topic according to an agenda they jointly set. Jack is helpful in his use of on-line tools which leaves a helpful record to go back on and review. From my perspective, Jack has been very easy to work with; he is prompt in correspondence, dependable and punctual in sessions and flexible in the cases where we might need that. In sum, I highly recommend Jack.”

'Beyond' GCSE Maths

“Jack has been an exceptional tutor and has prepared me well for the STEP exams. Every time I was stuck on a question, he would always listen to my approach and either explain why it fails or alternatively, explain how to modify my argument such that it works. He would also show me alternative solutions where possible, equipping me with a larger arsenal of tools for tackling new STEP questions. Whenever there was a new concept or trick I needed for a question, Jack would always explain the intuition behind it and apply it to other questions so that I could get accustomed to it - ultimately aiding me to solve similar STEP questions. In the end, he would give useful advice about facing the exams and he was extremely motivational and supportive. With the help of Jack, I met my offer and will be studying Mathematics at Cambridge.”

STEP 2 and 3Voluntary tuition

Met their offer to study Mathematics at the University of Cambridge commencing in the academic year 2020/2021.

“Jack Bartley is an amazing tutor, and the best I have had for Maths. I have been with Jack for just over a year and have spent many hours with him, In which he has tutored me in degree level Maths.

In particular Jack is excellent in approaching concepts from different angles to ensure that a difficult concept is easy to digest. Jack can teach a wide variety of mathematical concepts at an in-depth level and is able to link different concepts together to paint a full picture. It is easy to communicate with Jack and ask repeated questions in order to understand a topic that I may have a mental block on, and in each instance Jack may approach the topic in a different angle to insure that I have fully understood the topic.

The sessions are also run professionally and Jack is always punctual to the sessions. Further to this, the quality of the equipment, such as a high quality microphone and a graphics tablet, used is superb, making the online sessions outstanding as a result.

Communication outside sessions is easy and all emails are replied to within a timely manner.

I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone looking for a Maths tutor for any educational level.”

Abdulla, Third year Mathematics Undergraduate, King's College LondonNote: This testimonial appears on Trustpilot as a review of The Profs, the award-winning tutoring company who introduced me to this student.

Trustpilot, 28 November 2019, 5 stars, "Jack Bartley - An Excellent Tutor"

Achieved over 70% on average in their first and second year exams.

Online tuition

Online Tuition

As an experienced online tutor, with thousands of hours of experience providing online tuition, I am able to offer tuition to students located anywhere in the world. Past examples include the US, Hong Kong, the UAE and Australia.

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