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Online tuition

Online Tuition

People are often surprised that quality tuition is possible online. Indeed, I myself was somewhat sceptical until I began to look into it.

Personally, I am quite certain that online sessions are just as good as face to face sessions. In fact, I can honestly say that I have never had a student who tried online and decided to revert to face to face sessions. Of course, I have had students who have no strong preference either way, but these are in the minority. The vast majority of students, once trying online sessions, never actually go back to face to face.

In many cases students are reluctant to give it a go, but try it out in the first session, and in fact, I have never once had a face to face session with a great deal of my students.

Below you can see examples of slides from sessions I have had with students in the past. It is worth noting that I have not gone back and touched up any of these examples, all of these were made on the fly in real sessions.

Slide examples

The area between two curves

Plotting points on the Argand diagram

Binomial expansion

BMO 2019

BMO 2019

Tangent planes to level surfaces

Sketching the graphs of multivariate functions

The area element of a surface

Multivariate change of variable

Pre-processing when using statistical tables

Change of coordinates


Vector fields

More vector fields

Multidimensional integration

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