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Other Tuition

Please do not hesitate to get in touch about any other mathematics which you would like assistance with—the examples given do not comprise an exhaustive list!

For example, in the past I have: worked with a Computer Science PhD candidate, helping them to understand some mathematical models of relevance to their studies; helped a mature student to brush up their mathematical fundamentals to prepare them for further study; and worked on extra-curricular maths with a bright student due to sit their GCSEs.


“We arranged for Jack to help tutor my son in 'going beyond' the syllabus in maths and exploring topics that were flashed by as promises of a more interesting future in GCSE maths. Though an atypical arrangement, Jack has been brilliant at reinforcing my son's love of math and helping him get habits and tools for learning for learning's sake. They manage pace and topic according to an agenda they jointly set. Jack is helpful in his use of on-line tools which leaves a helpful record to go back on and review. From my perspective, Jack has been very easy to work with; he is prompt in correspondence, dependable and punctual in sessions and flexible in the cases where we might need that. In sum, I highly recommend Jack.”

'Beyond' GCSE Maths

“Top agency with fantastic tutors. managed to achieve 83 in advanced maths thanks to my tutor Jack. I would highly recommend him to anyone doing maths including those studying economics with specialised maths modules.”

Maths for Economics, University of BirminghamNote: This testimonial appears on Trustpilot as a review of The Profs, the award-winning tutoring company who introduced me to this student.

Trustpilot, 23 Sep 2019, 5 stars, "Top agency with fantastic tutors"

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If you would like to find out more about the services I offer please leave your email address and select the service you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as possible.