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A Level Tuition

While much of the same applies to A Level maths as does to GCSEs it is common for students who did not have too much trouble with their GCSEs to find the jump to A Level to be a little much. Whether this sounds familiar or whether you are looking for someone to help you reach the top grades, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


“Jack has been a great tutor for helping me with A Level maths. He provided me with lots of key points/tips on how to tackle difficult questions which helped me very much in exams. Thank you Jack for helping me to obtain an excellent grade in my A Level studies.”

A Level Maths (EdExcel Linear)

“My son waited until the last minute to find a tutor the week of his final exam. His original tutor was on vacation so we were in a bind. After losing a lot of time trying to find a replacement tutor, I found The Profs. They stepped in and found my son an even better tutor that his original one. The tutor even sent a best wishes email. He is not absolutely sure he got an A*, but his chances improved dramatically with his tutor. The Profs were a bit more expensive than my original tutor, but they are more than worth it. Altogether, The Profs made a stressful time manageable and efficient.”

A Level Further Maths (CIE) - Mechanics and StatisticsNote: This testimonial appears on Trustpilot as a review of The Profs, the award-winning tutoring company who introduced me to this student.

Trustpilot, 30 Oct 2018, 5 stars, "My son waited until the last minute to"

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